FAQ Carpet Tile Cleaning North Shore
  1. How much will it cost to have my carpets cleaned?

Our carpet cleaning services will depend on two things: how much of the area needs to be cleaned, and the kind of treatment it requires. Because no two carpets are the same, we endeavor to come up with rate that will best fit your specific carpet and condition in order to treat it properly.

  1. How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Regular carpet cleaning is the best way to keep it looking well-maintained, with the added bonus of purifying your air at the same time. How regular you want this service availed will also depend on how much foot traffic and wear and tear it is subjected to. To find out, see how soon your carpets are starting to look or feel dirty after a regular carpet cleaning session, and come up with an average to determine how many months in between you can go between each cleaning session.

  1. Is there such a thing as cleaning my carpets too often?

With steam cleaning, your carpets can enjoy a more frequent cleaning schedule than others (especially compared to those that use harsh or toxic chemicals). What frequently cleaning your carpets will do is to keep it as close to its original condition as when your carpets were brand new and first installed. In fact, there are some carpeted areas of your home which will really benefit from a more frequent cleaning schedule such as high-traffic places (hallways and doorways) and those that come into contact with soiled footwear or where your pets usually stay.

  1. Will my carpets be completely dry right after steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning utilizes a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution that breaks down the dirt and grime trapped deep within the recesses of your carpets. The heat activates the cleansing agents in the solution as it comes into contact with your carpets, while the hot water is extracted out at the same time. Steam cleaning is very effective especially for carpets that are very thick, where even the strongest dry vacuums cannot penetrate to get the deep-seated dirt out.

  1. Will my carpets be completely dry right after steam cleaning?

Our equipment is proven to recover over 90% of the liquid used to clean your carpets, leaving a very small percentage to dry in just a couple of hours. This duration will also depend on the weather conditions.

  1. What should I do post-cleaning?

As your carpets will still require a few hours of drying time, it is best to open your doors and windows to let in air that will speed up the drying process. Turning on fans will also help. Avoid stepping or walking on the carpet while it is still slightly moist. If you must, it is best to do so while wearing clean, rubber-soled footwear.

  1. Will carpet cleaning also get rid of my pet’s fleas that have made their way into our carpets?

No, carpet steam cleaning will not get rid of fleas. You are advised to have your carpet professionally treated specifically for flea elimination prior to calling us for carpet cleaning services. This is to ensure that all fleas and eggs have been thoroughly eliminated to prevent their further spread post-steam cleaning. This includes treating couches, rugs, beds and any other areas which your pet frequents and might be prone to re-infestation.

  1. How are your odour treatment services better than odour controlling products?

Many commercial products that are designed to “get rid” of odours do nothing more than just mask the scent with a pleasant aroma. These aromas will evaporate over time, while the odour remains in the carpets or rugs. Our solution is more effective in that we use products that bond with the actual odour molecule itself and neutralizes it, preventing it from smelling bad. Our strategy involves getting rid of the smell and not simply masking it, which makes for longer lasting results.

  1. Will carpet cleaning help solve my family’s allergy problems?

Having your carpets steam cleaned on a regular basis will certainly do a lot to get rid of the number of allergens present in your home. This is especially true if the type of allergy that triggers yours can be found in the dirt and dust that settle in your carpets. However, some types of allergies may require other solutions especially if they are seasonal or have sources that can be traced elsewhere (ex. food, aerosol sprays, certain plants, etc.). Having said that, steam cleaning will still significantly reduce the amount of allergens in your home – which is always good for everyone’s health in the long run.

  1. Do I need to prepare anything before your team comes to my house?

It would be great if you can keep small items (including furniture and appliances) away from the area that needs servicing to save on time. These will include toys, electrical wires, cushions, and other things that have found their way on your floors. We can also move big furniture aside but you are advised to clear the space of all delicate furnishing or items that might get in the way or become damaged, just to be sure.