Ultra Brite Carpet & Tile Cleaning has been serving the carpet cleaning needs of Sydney’s North Shore residents for many years. We are proud to have built a reputation that is synonymous to reliability, professionalism, and top-quality results.

Our primary goal is to deliver unparalleled carpet cleaning services to both residential homes and commercial establishments in Sydney. We believe that no job is too small nor too challenging for us to take on.

From a small carpet cleaning outfit, our company has grown in the way that our clients need: providing constantly reliable quality service that evolves to meet the current concerns and requirements of today’s carpeted flooring. With the wide variety of carpeting fabrics, installation layouts, weather and environmental conditions, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to meeting our clients’ diverse needs. With each year comes new innovations and techniques that revolutionize the home cleaning sector; our role in all of this is to determine which technologies to adapt to and which tried and tested ones ought to be retained as proven through the test of time – while keeping our clients’ health, safety, and budget in mind at all times.

Our carpet cleaning services are always backed up by the following:

  • Meeting clients’ individual needs. Knowing how best to approach the task of cleaning your carpets always starts by knowing our clients as homeowners with specific needs and concerns. Because we want to give you the best results for your particular carpet or flooring needs, our team will sit down with you to discuss your special concerns and specific requests.
  • Implementing fast and reliable service. We understand that homeowners’ time is precious, and we are proud to demonstrate the cleaning systems we have perfected to be in and out of your home in no time. Our systems have been perfected over time, tested across a wide variety of situations, and always ensure that cleanliness is never compromised for speed of service.
  • Thorough inspection of job sites. We believe that a complete walkthrough and inspection of the job site is necessary to understand the full scope of the cleaning project, which will enable us to provide our clients with results that will surpass their expectations. We look at every nook and cranny and consider all areas that require handling to fully determine the best approach and the right strategy for getting the job done.
  • Top of the line cleaning equipment and materials. While achieving 100% thorough cleanliness is certainly our goal, we always want what’s best for our clients – and that includes measures that ensure their health and safety. We use only the best, industry-grade equipment that will thoroughly clean your carpeting, along with safe and non-toxic cleaning agents that are both effective and friendly to the environment.
  • Complete summary of job details. Before proceeding with the cleaning job, you are presented with a complete summary of everything that will be performed on your carpets to give you an idea of, understand, and appreciate what goes into the custom cleaning process. We want to be sure that our clients are as clear about our objectives and intentions as we are, as we believe that is one of the ways we gain your trust and confidence in what we do.
  • Client education on care and maintenance. Prior to leaving your home after a job well done, our team will ensure that you are given the right care and maintenance tips for your freshly cleaned carpets to make that newly-cleaned look last a lot longer.
  • Wide options for follow-up services and maintenance. Different household have varied concerns and requests, so we are proud to offer a wide variety of cleaning services and schedules that will meet your needs throughout any season of your life. Whether you are moving into a new home, sprucing it up for a new tenant, or requiring professional help for a flooding situation, we’ll be there to help you solve it!
  • Professional attitude and warm personalities from start to finish. The lifeblood of our company is the people who are behind its name, which is why you can expect no less than the most professional attitude and warmest personalities that are indicative of our commitment to serving you and meeting your needs!

Always Growing

Despite being a premiere service provider of carpet cleaning, we believe that keeping abreast of new developments in this industry is one of the ways to stay on top. Our growth mindset has us constantly learning about new and innovative ways that we can provide the same kind of services to our community with better results, as well as introduce new ones that we believe will make life a little better and a lot cleaner for everyone.

Interested in using of our top-notch carpet cleaning services? Call us today at 8015 5143 and we’ll have someone get back to you on your carpet cleaning requests and concerns!